What is website2Go?
A Complete Web Solution
Website2Go includes: hosting, domain name and matching email, professionally-designed templates, unlimited editor use, search engine placement, visitor reports, toll-free support, custom form builder option, and shopping cart option.
Website2Go is an automated, online website manager that empowers you, the small business owner, to create and maintain your web presence yourself, using an intuitive set of editing and management tools that you control through the web browser you're using right now. Our goal is to give you control over your web presence without taking the time away from your business and personal life to learn all the skills that normally requires. Our fast, reliable servers ensure a consistently-professional experience for your site visitors.

There are three main parts of the website2Go service: the Editor, the templates, and the management tools.

System Requirements
The website2Go publishing system works with:
  • Any platform (Windows, Macintosh, Unix)
  • Any version 4+ browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, etc.) with cookies enabled
  • Any Internet connection
We have edited website2Go pages from a Palm Treo cellphone!
The Editor
Website2Go is more than Yet Another Click-and-build Tool. The intuitive, patent-pending Editor works online in your browser, and gives you the power to create and edit pages within our predefined three-column "magazine" format, without having to worry about page design. We've already designed the layout and a wide choice of carefully-crafted color schemes, so you can concentrate on your site's content with confidence that it will have an attractive, businesslike appearance. Most service plans include our incredibly easy to use Form Builder that lets you create good-looking custom response forms with no programming,

We've also written a very extensive online help system, the User Guide, including a printable quick reference card ("cheat sheet") to help you learn quickly.

The Templates
Our templates are not just shells - they are complete, functional websites for representative businesses in each industry. Their professionally-designed pages, with compelling, sales-building text and quality PhotoDisc images, are yours to customize to suit your own needs. You might spend days researching such content...but you won't have to, because we've done it for you.
The Management Tools
Your subscription also includes these free, password-protected management features:

Automated registration with most of the major Internet search engines - you control the keywords to match what your customers will be looking for in their searches, as well as the site description they will see in the search results.

A complete business email system, including forwarding and autoresponders - you can use your domain name in your return address ( and have your mail forwarded automatically to your present email address; you can also have website2Go send an automated acknowledgment to incoming mail, handy when you can't reply personally right away.

Access statistics - see how many visitors you're getting, where they're coming from, and which of your pages they're visiting most often.

Features Overview
See in detail what website2Go has to offer:
website2Go Features
One low fee, starting at $9.95 per month, includes everything - no extra charges for anything. For most plans, if you sign up for 11 months, you'll get the 12th month free.

Decide which service plan is right for you, select a template to be the foundation of your new website, and your business can be online in minutes.

No risk - your satisfaction is guaranteed
Website2Go comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee: if you decide during the first 30 days that website2Go is not for you, simply email us to cancel your account and we will refund 100% of your money, minus any applicable domain registration fee. After 30 days, we will refund the fees for the unused portion of your subscription.
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