SAVE MONEY AND EXTEND your reach to thousands of customers by adding website2Go to your advertising.
Here’s Why:
  • First: there’s no limit on how much you can say, or on how many full-color pictures you can use. You can even include on-line response forms, printable documents, and movies.
  • Second, your website reaches potential customers locally, 24/7. Questions are answered anytime, anyplace, from anywhere, without your company personnel--saving thousands of dollars;
  • Third: you can update your site INSTANTLY, whenever any change has to be made on your site.
Your customers are relying more on the Internet and LESS on Yellow Page ads while shopping.

We’re not saying it will replace your Yellow Page ad.

We're saying that the addition of a website will multiply the effectiveness of both. The combination of the two is very powerful because it will:

  • greatly enhance your visibility;
  • increase your customer’s awareness of your products and services;
  • cut your ad costs and extend your reach to your customers;
  • create a presence in your local community as a reliable company. All for a modest annual subscription fee.
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