Secure e-commerce
E-commerce plans
Extensions to website2Go that integrate a complete, secure e-commerce solution into business websites, with a focus on minimizing the time required to set up and maintain the online store.
More than just a shopping cart, website2Go Commerce and Corporate are secure, feature-rich retail environments for online sales, seamlessly integrated as an extension of the breakthrough website2Go Editor. Enter your products into your store's database, including a photo and as much descriptive text as you wish, using your present browser. Create a hierarchical category structure using an unlimited number of sublevels, and associate each product with one or many categories simply by checking boxes.

Website2Go e-commerce has unlimited scalability, and our fast servers can handle thousands of your products. Naturally, since it's part of website2Go, you can make changes to your store and its products from any computer with an Internet connection, anytime you wish, for free.

Once in the database, products may be placed on your website's pages in three ways:

  • With one click, publish any category as a catalog page, with each product represented by a small image, brief description, price, and Add to Cart button.
  • With one click, add any single product to an existing page, in the same format as above.
  • If you'd rather design your own product presentation, or if your products are already on your site, with one click you can place an Add to Cart button nearby.
The first two methods automatically link the product's small photo and name to a full-page view of that item, including a larger photo and your detailed description. We've already taken care of the details, so you don't have to steal time from your business or personal life to make it easy for your customers to purchase your products online.

In addition, every e-commerce subscription includes generous limits and supporting services:

website2Go Commerce ($99.95/month)

  • 100 products
  • Unlimited categories
  • 200 MB of server disk space
  • 10 GB of transfers per month
  • 25 POP email accounts
  • 25 email forwarding accounts
  • 25 email autoresponders
  • 25 email distribution lists
website2Go Corporate ($189.95/month)
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited categories
  • 400 MB of server disk space
  • 20 GB of transfers per month
  • 50 POP email accounts
  • 50 email forwarding accounts
  • 50 email autoresponders
  • 50 email distribution lists
Note: a website2Go Commerce subscription does not include a credit card merchant account or CyberCash processing, but website2Go Commerce customers are eligible for very competitive rates through Citibank. If you prefer, you may use your present or other bank of your choice. Please call 877-WEB-2002 for more information.

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E-commerce User Guide