Build My Own
It's easy to build a custom site.
Instead of opening a prebuilt template, the Build My Own option starts you off with a blank Home page - an empty canvas, awaiting your brush.

We recommend outlining your new site's content first, since it will let you spend your online time more efficiently. We also suggest you look at some of the existing templates for ideas. You're welcome to use any of the text or images you find there.

You'll need to know a few specifications before uploading your images:

  • The Content area (this column) is 300 pixels wide by default, and the Sidebar (the right column) is 100 pixels wide. You can change these values sitewide in Site Defaults, or for a single page by giving it a Custom Layout.
  • If you upload images that are wider than the column, they will be automatically scaled down to fit. But they will look better and reach your visitors faster if you make them the right size first in your image editor (Photoshop, etc.) before uploading.
  • All images must be in either GIF or JPEG format. Animated GIFs are okay, too. You must use only letters, numbers, hyphens, periods, and underscores in file names - spaces are not permitted.
  • Since Web browsers ignore resolution (dpi) information, the size of a graphic in inches, centimeters, or furlongs is not relevant. Think pixels.

In the Sidebar are thumbnail images of the sites of some other website2Go customers who had their own ideas about design and content. Some are large, some are not, but each is the realization of its owner's vision. We are proud of our customers' creativity! For, as you can see, a site's design is limited only by its author's imagination.

Click on the images to visit the sites.


Some real customers who Built Their Own:

Creative Metalworks


Stockton Direct Mail