Technical FAQ
Do I need to know HTML, have Internet networking skills, know other computer languages, or possess multimedia design skills to get a website2Go site for my business?
Absolutely not! With website2Go, you need no advanced computer skills. Website2Go's automated systems handle all of the details for you. If you can operate a browser, you're about an hour away from putting your business on the World Wide Web.

What is HTML?
HTML Is the computer coding language that makes web pages possible. As a website2Go customer you won't need to concern yourself with HTML. Our powerful automation technology allows you to publish sophisticated websites without any HTML knowledge whatsoever. Now, isn't that a relief?

What if I already know HTML? Can I use it?
Yes. Website2Go accepts limited HTML in certain of its fields, and anything but forms in its HTML elements.

What is a URL, web address, or domain name?
A URL is the address of your website. It stands for Uniform Resource Locator. For most purposes, the words "domain name" and "URL" can be used interchangeably. This address tells a user's web browsing software (Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, etc.) where to go on the Internet to find a site (yours!). It is very much like your business's phone number.

Can we have "" as our address?
Yes. As a website2Go subscriber, you are required to register a domain name like "www.yourcompany:com" as part of the subscription procedure, or transfer an existing domain name to your site. We handle this automatically when you subscribe.

Will I be able to access my domain name with or without the "www?"
Yes, you will be able to access the domain name with or without the www in front. For example, you could access the domain name "" by going to "" as well as "".

Where is my website stored and how is it connected to the Internet?
Your website2Go site is physically located on our Sun UltraSparc web servers, which are linked to the Internet via high-capacity T3 connections. 24-hour monitoring ensures top-quality service with no interruptions. This means your site will appear in visitors' browsers as quickly as any site on the Internet.

As a website2Go customer, how secure is my computer?
Website2Go hosts your website on our central servers. Your computer is never accessed by visitors to your website.

Is the web a safe place to do business?
Most experts consider the Internet to be as safe or safer than most other business transaction media. Website2Go uses encryption and other sophisticated technologies where appropriate and applicable. For instance, our online registration system uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) standard when you register. This technology safeguards all your information - including your credit card information - by encrypting it during transmission over the Internet. Most experts consider this safer than using your credit card in person, because fewer unauthorized persons have access to your confidential information. To prevent the extremely remote possibility of theft, we do not store credit card numbers on our servers.

How do we get the images into the site?
When you're editing your site, there will be an [AddImage] button at the bottom of each page. If you click on that button, you'll be able to select an image from your local disk, and upload it right onto the page.

How do I register with search engines?
Your website2Go subscription includes free use of our automated site promotion system. After entering your site's description and keywords (read about Meta Data in the User Guide) you may specify any or all of the listed major search engines. We'll even notify you automatically by email as each search engine indexes your site!

How can I monitor web usage statistics?
Select Disk Usage & Web Transfers from your Site Manager page to see what domains are accessing your web site, how many "hits" you are getting, how much data is being transferred, and more.

How do I set mail forwarding options?
By default, ALL mail is set up to automatically forward to the email address that was provided when your account was set up. This email address is called the "default" mail forwarding address. This address can be changed by choosing Email Forwarding from within your Site Manager. You do not need to set specific forwarding options for addresses associated with your domain name (e.g.,,, etc.). You can also set up to 3 specific mail forwarding options for email addresses which are to forward to an address other than the default. Additional mail forwarding accounts are available as options.

How do I set up and access POP mailboxes?
In addition to mail forwarding options, email can be retrieved from POP mailboxes using a program like Outlook Express. Your subscription includes at least one POP account. Instruction on setting up POP accounts and configuring your mail program may be found in the User Guide. (A PPP internet account is required.) Additional POP mailboxes are available as options.

How can I set up an autoresponder for our account?
An autoreponder is an automatic program that will respond to an email message sent to a predefined address in your domain. This is useful for automatically sending out information via email based on a user's emailed request. More information on setting up autoresponders may be found in the User Guide. Additional autoresponders are available as options.

How do I update account contact information?
You can change your billing address and email address in your Site Manager. If you have a change of email address, be sure to reflect this new address in your mail forwarding options.

Can I change my userid and password?
The userid is derived from the first eight characters of your domain name and and cannot be changed. You can change your password with your Site Manager. Valid passwords consist of no more than eight alphabetic and/or numeric characters.

Why are my images smaller in my site than in Photoshop?
If you upload an image that's wider than the column in which you placed it, the website2Go Editor will automatically scale the image to fit the column.

What are the default widths of the Content and Sidebar columns?
The default Content column is 400 pixels wide. The default Sidebar column is 150 pixels wide. Both may be changed in Site Defaults.

How can I insert some text in the middle of a page?
There are two ways: either add it to an existing Headline, Subhead, or Text element, or add a new element at the bottom of the column and use the Move Up tool button to position it where you want.

Can I upload multimedia files to my site?
Sure, just use the Add File button.

I'm confused by the website2Go Editor. How can I get some help editing my site?
First, see if your problem is covered here, in this FAQ. If it's not, look in the User Guide for instructions on the procedure that's causing you trouble. You may wish to print the Quick Reference Card ("cheat sheet") from the User Guide. Can't find the answer? Then use the form on the Customer Support page to request help. Please give us as much detail as you can, so we'll have a better chance of solving your problem in our first return email. You may also contact a customer support representative by calling toll-free: 1-877-WEB-2002.

How can I center some text?
Click on the right side of the Text Alignment tool.

How can I right justify some text or an image?
Sorry, w2g does not support right-justified elements.

One of my elements appears in the Editor, but doesn't show up on the published page.
In the Editor, look at the Show/Hide tool for that element. If it's red, click on the left side to make it visible, then republish the page.

After I make changes to a page and click on publish and look at my page, it still seems to be the way it was before I made any changes.
You may need to click on the Reload button on your browser. Browsers also cache contents and you may have your cache settings set up so it only checks for changes once a session.

My page is full of elements and I want to insert one in the middle, do I have to use the up or down move arrows?
No. Sometimes it's easier to move something to the top (double up caret control) and then move it down. Other times it will be easier to use drag-and-drop editing.

Can I change my color scheme after I have added all the content?
Yes indeed. Choose Site Color from your Site Manager, and browse through the color scheme options. You may change this at any time.

How do I add my logo?
First you need to create or scan your logo, and save it in GIF (.gif) or JPEG (.jpg) format. Website2Go does not perform this function. Then use the Add Image button to upload it to the Content column, or the Add Logo button for the Sidebar column.

What makes my site take so long to load?
Several factors influence the length of time required to load a web page, including peak Internet traffic times, the speed of your connection, and the number and size of images on the page. For the fastest load times, keep the file size of your images as small as possible, and don't use too many on one page. Instead of displaying many large images, use small "thumbnail" images, and link each one to a subpage containing the larger image.

Can I change my font?
All of the fonts are preset. This was done so that you can quickly produce a quality Web site.

How do I add more pages?
Use the Add Page button at the bottom of each column. Please see the User Guide for complete details.

How can I add a link to another Web site?
Use the Add Link button. Please see the User Guide for complete details.

How do I change my email address?
The email address is part of your account, so you would need to make this change from your Site Manager. You can also create aliases for an existing account.

How do I publish my site?
Use the Publish button to make the latest version of all your pages available online.

Do you offer dial-up Internet access?

How do I edit my web site?
On your Site Manager page, click on any of your site's page names to edit that page. Please read the User Guide for specific details about features of the website2Go Editor.

Can I add more disk space to my web site?
When you move in, you will have at least 50 MB of disk space for your web site. You can purchase more disk space in increments of 10MB.

What does a person need to visit my web site?
Anyone with a web browser and an Internet connection can visit your site, from anywhere in the world.

I'm behind a firewall. Can I use website2Go?