Doing Business on the Web
How will a website help my business?
The Web is a powerful new business tool. You can reach millions of customers worldwide. So whether your business is local or multinational, you will be able to get information to your audience quickly, easily, and best of all, inexpensively. By publishing on the Web, you can reduce or eliminate the high cost of printing brochures and mailing them to your customers. Now, you can just point them to your visually-charged, information-packed website. And you can update your site at a moment's notice - no need to worry about information getting out of date. The Internet is available to your visitors 24 hours a day, seven days a week and your website can serve them even when you and your staff are not available.

How will customers find my site?
A variety of strategies will make your website visible and accessible to new and established customers. We suggest that you undertake several steps. First, the using the free website2Go site promotion system you can register your website address with most of the major Internet search engines. By using keywords or the name of your company, search engine users will easily find your site. Additionally, we suggest that you add your Web address to your stationary, business cards, press releases and advertising materials. If you are in the Yellow Pages, for instance, listing your site address there often proves beneficial.

How much information can I put on my Web site?
There is almost no limit to the amount of information you can include. The website2Go Express plan includes 20 MB of server space - enough for about 500 scrollable pages of content!

How does the web compare to other media?
The Web is a superb marketing and communications tool. Customers are able to serve themselves, freeing up your valuable time and energy. Unlike traditional media and communication, customers seek you out. They come to your site when they are ready and unlike traditional media, the Web allows users to pick out information that is important to them. By putting your marketing message online, you can sometimes substantially reduce your mailing, printing, and advertising costs.

What kind of information should I put on my site?
Any information your customer may be interested in, including products, services, hours of operation, staff information, ordering information, contact and feedback forms, and much more. The website2Go setup system prompts you for all the important information you will want to put up online. The template for your business already has sample contact data that you can replace with your own. In addition, each template contains interesting, sales-building information about your industry that your customers will find useful.

How do I get all my information onto a Web page?
Most website2Go customers start by choosing a template that most resembles their own business. Within minutes of subscribing, a copy of that template becomes your own website, ready for you to edit to suit your unique needs. You'll begin on the Site Manager page, and using our breakthrough Editor simply replace the template's existing text and images with your own, as you see fit. You may type directly into the various textual elements, or paste text that you've copied to your clipboard from your word processor. You can add and delete elements to suit your information needs.

How often should I update my site?
You can update your website as often as you like at no extra charge, any time of day or night. At a minimum, we recommend that you update your site at least a couple times every month, if not every week. Ideally, you would like your customers to visit your website every couple of weeks. To encourage their return, it is best that you keep your website current, with fresh, timely information.

How much time will updating my site take?
Updating your site is as easy as logging onto your password-secured Site Manager page. It takes only minutes and your changes are updated to the world immediately.

Can we get statistics about what is happening in our site?
Yes indeed. Choose Access Statistics from your Site Manager page.